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General Conditions

General Conditions

The organizer shall be responsible to provide a catalogue that incorporates a technical report. The report must include information regarding insurance liability and the expiry date of the catalogue.

Booking must be made out on the official contract forms supplied. The client must undersign and retain one copy of the contract form. The booking may only be considered as confirmed after the organizer has sent a written confirmation, that may also be sent via telefax or e-mail. Additional information not already specified in the contract must be supplied well in ad-vance by the organizer according to legislative decree 111/95.

A deposit of 30% must be made upon booking and the balance to be paid 21 days before arrival. Should payment not be made as stipulated both the travel agency and the organizer have the right to cancel the agreement.

The price is stipulated in the contract, with reference to the facilities and services presented in the brochure, that may be updated from time to time.

In case of withdrawal from the contract for any reason prior to arrival, the client will incur a penalty charge that will be based on the total number of days left between cancellation and departure date (the notice of withdrawal must be receveid by the travel agency at least one working day before the departure date). Please note that the withdrawal day will not be added to the total number of days when calculating the penalty charge.

Penalty charges will be calculated as follows:

• until 22 days before departure: no charges
• 21 to 15 days 30% of the total price
• 14 to 9 days 60% of the total price
• 8 to 5 days 80% of the total price
• 4 to 1 day and no show: 100% of the total price

In case of cancellation before the 21st day, the paid amount will be transformed into a voucher valid for a new booking within the current or the next year.

No refund will be given after the above mentioned terms and/or in case of early departure.
For any modification to the booking (e.g. change of the booking holder's name, stay dates, facility, type of apartment / room etc...) a surcharge of minimum Euro 26,00 will be required.

The above mentioned cancellation fees must be paid even when the cancellation is due to lack or irregulations in the visas' issue.

The cancellation policy of group bookings will be agreed by the parties upon contract signature.

Clients who choose to transfer their booking to a third party are responsible to forward in writing details of the third party at least one day before arrival. Moreover the third party has to pay all the expenses related to the change of contract. The organizer will hold both the original and the third party responsible for the balance of payment.
• Modifications and cancellation
Transfering of the booking to a third party, without modifying the programme is considered a modification not a cancellation.
Also changing the starting and ending dates of the booking by the original client, without affecting the duration of the booking will also be considered a modification.
Any other changing not included in the above mentioned terms, will be considered as cancellation. Mimimum charge Euro 26,00.

The participants are requested to bring a valid passport or any other valid identity document as well as permit of stay and health certificate. The participant are also requested to observe the rules of ordinary diligence and to follow all the suggestions received by the organizer. Failing to do so will render the parti-cipants liable for any damage caused.

The official classification of the hotels can be found in the catalogue or in other information material and depends only on what is specificly indicated by the local competent autho-rities where the holiday complex is located. When the official classification recognized by the competent public authorities is unavailable, the organizers can express their own opinion of the hotel gradin to act as a guideline to consumers.

The organizer agrees to imdemnify the consumers against any damages incurred by them arising directly or indirectly out of any failure or alleged failure by the organizer or its servants unless there is evidence that the events happened due to acts of the consumers, or due to circumstances that the organizer could not reasonably forsee using its professional diligence. The seller is by no means responsible for the obligations concer-ning the organization of the journey but only for the obligations arising from its middleman role and as required by law.

The organizer is requested to assist the consumer as fixed by the professional diligence principles with reference only to the duties imposed by the contract or by the statutory provisions.
The organizer and the seller are not responsible for the failing of the contract, when this depends on acts of the consumer or of a third party or on unpredictable, inevitable circumstances or on fortuitos event.

Any failure to meet the contract has to be notified by the consumer without delay, so that the organizer can find an alternative solution as soon as possible. The consumer can lodge a claim with a registered letter to the organizer or to the seller not later than 10 days from the end of the programme.

If not clearly expressed as being covered in the price, all insurance expenses must be paid by the consumer. It is possible, and also recommended to take out medical and equipment baggage insurance. It is also possible to insurance against the consequences of cancellation due to circumstances such as illness.

In the case of bankruptcy of the organizer, the consumer may apply for a refund to the guarantees funds office at the National Ministry of Tourism.
In case of emergency, consumers can apply to the same office for financial assistance with travel expenses.

Program valid from 01/11/2023 till 31/12/2024.

Superadria technical organization; insurance policy num. 014192.32.000018 at Cattolica Assicurazioni (Via Giorgio Ambrosoni, 1. - 30026 Portogruaro (VE), phone +39 0421 275955).

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