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Zjazd z autostrady: Latisana lub Portogruaro A23 - A4 - A22
Autovie Venete

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Venezia - Marco Polo
Trieste - Ronchi dei Legionari
Treviso - Sant'Angelo

We have found some airlines for you which offer low-cost flies. The mentioned airlines fly from different European Countries to our airports Venice (70 km distance), Triest (60 km distance) and Treviso (80 km distance) for reaching the holiday towns Bibione and Lignano Sabbiadoro without stress, bus and taxi transfer are possible to your holiday destination. If you like to travel by your own car without stress up to Bibione or Lignano you can take the auto train from different German main stations up to Bolzano + Verona (Italy, 300 km distance) or Villach (Austria, 150 km distance):

Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, Belgium, France:
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Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary:
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